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Enfermedad de celulas falciformes

In the 1980s, a patient who already had sickle cell disease was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at St. Jude. She subsequently received a bone marrow transplant to cure the AML. To their surprise, the doctors discovered that the transplant cured her sickle cell disease as well.

Today, St. Jude has one of the largest sickle cell disease programs in the country and continues to make groundbreaking discoveries related to sickle cell disease. During the past 25 years, St. Jude researchers have published several hundred journal articles about this disorder, making St. Jude one of the largest publishers of sickle cell disease research findings.

Thanks to the generous support of caring donors, St. Jude is able to continue to focus on the research that saves the lives of children with cancer, as well as other catastrophic illnesses such as sickle cell disease.

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