Cash | St. Jude Thanks and Giving 2013


5 years old

When Cash saw a picture of Jennifer Aniston for the first time, he told his mom, Megan, he thought she was beautiful.

On the set of their St. Jude commercial, Cash and Aniston had an easy rapport. Aniston has been a dedicated St. Jude supporter for years, but Cash had never heard of St. Jude until last year. The onset of his symptoms had been quick and dramatic.

In October 2012, Cash began having migraines. Megan and her husband, Rob, knew it wasn’t normal. At the emergency room, the doctor thought it might be the flu. Megan took him the next day to the pediatrician.

The pediatrician ran a CT scan showing a fluid build-up in Cash’s brain, but that only solved part of the mystery. At the local hospital, an MRI revealed Cash had a mass in his brain the size of a ping-pong ball.

Cash underwent emergency surgery to biopsy the tumor and relieve the pressure on his brain. Cash was suffering from a rare brain cancer called pineoblastoma. As Cash recovered from the surgery, his parents researched treatment options. They were impressed with what they learned about St. Jude and left their home in California to try and save their son.

From the moment they arrived to St. Jude, they believed they were in the right place. “St. Jude was incredible,” said Megan.

Cash began chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before its surgical removal, but the tumor was growing too rapidly, and he began to slip into a coma. St. Jude doctors switched gears and moved him quickly to surgery. His surgeon was able to remove more than 97 percent of the tumor in a complicated eight-hour surgery. 

In between takes at the St. Jude commercial, Cash decided to dance for Jennifer Aniston. “I think he stole her heart,” Megan said.

Editors note: We regret to inform you that Cash lost his battle with cancer February 6, 2014. 

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